Mirage Print

Printing is really easy with Mirage software. Positioning, number of prints and color management could not be simpler.

Mirage is developed, optimised and used by photographers, fine art printers, print service providers, graphic designers, marketing agencies, layout designers, packaging designers and professional amateurs. Mirage offers professional and “Prosumer” functionality, all at a cost-effective price point.

The intuitive Mirage user-interface enables you to work fast and efficiently. As native plug-in Mirage offers everything, as it should be: smooth and perfectly scaled gradients, fonts and embedded vector graphics. Mirage comes as plug-in for: Adobe™ Photoshop™, Adobe™ Photoshop™ Elements, Adobe™ InDesign™, Adobe™ Illustrator™ and Adobe ™ Lightroom or as a stand-alone droplet based application. Mirage

Perfect print quality – fast and efficient

Work faster and more efficiently with the most advanced professional print-plug-in for Adobe™ Photoshop™, Illustrator™, InDesign™ or Photoshop™ Elements. In addition, the Mirage Stand-Alone application allows printing of native PDF, JPEG and TIFF files without any host application being required. Simply drag PDF, JPEG or TIFF files or folders with mixed content of supported file formats to the Mirage application ‘Droplet’ icon and the intuitive Mirage user interface opens instantly. All media and printer specific settings can be stored, enabling a simple way to handle multiple workflows and printing environments. Mirage makes printing easy and secure by displaying the clear alignment of all necessary printing settings in one window. Press the “Print” button and thanks to the MZTP™ Technology*, your print will start within seconds. The Mirage Stand-Alone application is part of all Mirage versions.

What you see is what you get

Mirage is both, significantly optimising and simplifying your printing workflow at the same time. Eliminating wasted media caused by “trial and error” techniques from the past. The Mirage preview window shows exact print results including color correct softproof.*