Epson printers, inks and accessories

Suomen Interfoto Oy is the Epson Pro Graphics+ partner. We offer EPSON large fomar printers, desktop printers, scanners, data projectors and of course accessories for printers.

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EPSON large format printers:

Epson SureColor SC-P800, SC-P6000 and SC-P8000: Featuring an UltraChrome HD eight/nine-colour pigment ink-set, the printers delivers 93% of Pantone®-certified colours to create superior-quality, highly-accurate results with bright, vivid colours. For stunning prints, an Advanced Black and White Mode helps produce high density, deep, rich blacks and ultra-smooth tones.

Epson SureColor SC-P5000, SC-P7000, and SC-P9000 Large-format printers deliver even better color and monochrome prints with 11 inks and several innovative technical solutions. These printers consistently produce high-quality, accurate and long-lasting professional photographs, fine art prints and proofs on a variety of media. These printers delivers 98% of Pantone®-certified colours.

Epson SureColor SC-P10000 and SC-P20000: These large-format photo printers combine high productivity, superior quality and ease of use into one complete package. Designed for photo labs, high street photo and copy shops and corporates looking for an in-house solution, the SC-P20000/SC-P10000 can create a range of high-quality photos, POS and signage.

Printers for graphic offices, CAD and GIS environments

The SureColor SC-T series includes 24 "(61cm), 36" (91.4cm and 44 "(111.8cm) four-color inkjet printers. Those are developed for demanding and versatile display graphics, CAD and GIS applications for design, commercial printing , copywriting, architecture, construction, machine building, retail and teaching.

Multiple models can be integrated with 36-inch scanner, which can digitise large-format copies (from tracing paper to 1.3mm board) and scan-to-file, scan-to-email or scan-to-share with other SC-T printers.

Film and photo scanners

Professional photographers and experienced enthusiasts can now convert their films and photos into high-quality digital files.